Storm restoration

Storm Restoration Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Surrounding Suburbs

Storms can be unpredictable. One 3serious storm can move through and leave no damage at all, while another comes through the area that tears off roofs, throws around tree limbs, and drops hail that causes damage to everything it comes into contact with.

When your property sustains storm damage, it is important to have that damage secured as soon as possible. If damage is allowed to persist, then you are looking at the damage worsening into something that is much more expensive to fix. Our Minneapolis storm restoration company will come and secure the damaged areas to prevent the spread of the damage so that the insurance adjuster can come in and assess.

In the meantime, we can provide you with an estimate and help you through the insurance claims process so you get the claim amount that you deserve to put toward the repairs to your property.

Making Your Property Look Like New

Even if the damage seems small, it is important to make that call to our storm restoration experts as soon as you can. We have helped many property owners throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the entire Twin Cities metro in the restoration of their properties. It starts with our emergency services to secure the damage so it doesn’t worsen, and then we can help you with your insurance claim. We have a personal adjuster available to you to help you maximize your insurance claim so that the dollar amount you receive is one that covers the damages.

Once you are ready for the repairs to commence, we make sure that they are done quickly, safely, and that each repair is completed properly. We also ensure that the highest quality materials are used. We have established relationships with the most reputable suppliers in the country so that we can give you the best of everything. Once we are finished, you will never be able to tell that the property was ever damaged.

When your property is damaged, 24 hour service is available.

Contact A Minneapolis Storm Restoration Contractor

When the storm has damaged your home in any way, it is imperative to have it repaired as soon as possible so that you don’t have to deal with more expensive repairs in the future. At Meschke Construction, we thoroughly inspect the damage, secure it, provide an estimate, help you through the insurance claims process if you need it so you get the claim amount that you deserve, and then restore your home back to perfection. To learn more about our storm restoration services, call us at 763-754-2777 and receive a free estimate.