Ice Dam Removal

Ice Dam Removal Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Surrounding Suburbs

2Ice dams create a lot of headaches. It is this ridge of ice that can form along a roof’s edge, preventing melting snow from being able to drain off of the roof. Ice dams can also form around features on a roof, such as vents and skylights. If you have two inclined sides that meet, they can form there as well.

If you are dealing with ice dams, then our Minneapolis ice dam removal contractors can help you. We have the tools, expertise, and we use the latest methods to rid you of ice dams that could cause even more damage to your roof.

Solving Your Ice Dam Problem

Ice dams are caused by the roof deck heating up due to inadequate insulation in the attic, which means heat that should be staying inside escapes. The result is snow melt that re-freezes before it can completely run off of the roof. The dam forms and the process repeats itself, causing the water to get trapped behind the dam. In other words, the dam continues to grow and the trapped water can work its way under the roofing material until a leak occurs. When a leak happens, the repair can be expensive.

By removing ice dams, you can prevent this potential for leakage, thus save yourself a lot of money. Nonetheless, our Twin Cities ice dam removal company can also find the cause of your ice dam and rectify it. There are different ways in which we can prevent ice dams from forming and we will review those methods with you so that you can choose one that works best for you.

Contact A Minneapolis Ice Dam Removal Company

Ice dams can cause their fair share of damage to a structure and they are dangerous when they are thawing. If you have an ice dam problem, it is very important to have it removed and for the cause to be identified so it can be rectified. To solve your ice dam issue, call Meschke Construction, Inc. today at 763-754-2777 for a free estimate.