Fire restoration

Fire Restoration Minneapolis, St. Paul, & Surrounding Suburbs

CraigA fire can be devastating, as it leaves a lot of damage in its wake. Sometimes it can completely destroy a structure and other times it seriously damages it, but the damage doesn’t go beyond the capabilities of an experienced and skilled Minneapolis fire restoration company.

If your home or business has been damaged by fire, you need to have the damage rectified and the damaged parts of the structure restored to their original beauty as soon as possible by the experts. By opting for restoration, you are protecting your investment for the long-term.

Your Insurance Repair Specialists

Chances are you have insurance that covers fire if it occurs, which means you can file an insurance claim to receive the necessary money to make the repairs. To make sure you receive the proper claim settlement amount, we will help you through the process.

When we perform the restoration, we do so with the latest methods and equipment and we only use high quality materials. When you have Meschke Construction take care of your fire restoration, you know that you are only receiving the best.

Things you can do after sustaining fire damage include:

  • Contact us as soon as possible so we can provide emergency services.
  • Call your insurance agency as soon as possible to file your claim.
  • To prevent the spreading of soot, limit foot traffic within the structure.
  • Vacuum upholstery and carpet to rid it of loose soot.
  • Turn off water to all fixtures.
  • If you have any antifreeze, pour it down tubs, drains, toilets, and sinks
  • Drain the boiler system, if you have one, if there is no electricity running to the structure.
  • Empty your freezer or refrigerator.
  • Use a 50% milk and 50% water solution to wash your plants.
  • Air out the structure by opening windows.
  • Oil or petroleum jelly can be used to clean brass and chrome fixtures.

Make sure you do not stay in the structure for long periods of time and do not attempt to clean on your own other than the above mentioned items. If something doesn’t seem safe, it probably isn’t safe. You can rely on our Twin Cities fire restoration company to take care of everything else for you.

Contact A Minneapolis Fire Restoration Company

Fire can be devastating and can destroy everything. The good news is when the fire doesn’t destroy the entire structure, it can be restored to look like new. In other words, the end result will be one that will suggest the fire never happened. To learn more about our professional fire restoration services, call us at 763-754-2777 and get a free estimate.